A Few of the Customer
Testimonials for All Calm

quoteMany thanks Sheena! This stuff really does work - such a relief!! Sincerely,
Margaret Forster

quoteI have just ordered my second bottle of All Calm and must say I am most impressed with the results of the first bottle.  My solution used to be one extra strength Tylenol and one Robax.  I still have the odd restless legs but they don't last long and they are getting fewer and farther between.  I have found that if I am more active, as in walking on the treadmill or mowing our yard,  taking a dose of All Calm immediately following my activity and then another one in the evening works just great.  I only have one question: Does All Calm have to be consumed while it is warm or is it okay to have it cool? Thank you for this wonderful product. I am a believer.

quoteI just reordered your product for my step dad because he is finally getting relief from this product. He is a 65 yrs old Vietnam (Marine) Veteran. He has been getting Tizanidine from the VA to help with his very severe leg cramps, but Nothing has help him like this product. he didn't get even one leg cramp or muscle spasm in his back since he starts to use this, but it don't last long enough (one bottle). Because of the very hot and humid climate here, allot of them has leg cramps and shaky legs.
Joshua D

quoteBy the way I got wonderful results, I don't get the tingling that I use to get when I went to sleep, please e-mail me if you got this message, thank you very much, this is the first time that I've ordered through the internet.
Loius T

quoteI received an order just over a year ago of Allcalm. It was because I took the Allcalm that I realized I was able to cut down my quinine from 2 tablets to 1 daily, which is the first time in many years. I'm having a Magnesium combination tablet here which has the Magnesium Citrate in it so thought it might do the same job (it was much cheaper). However I'm back on to 2 quinine per day and occasionally have to increase it to 3.
Hope M

quoteThis stuff really works well for my husband. He has been experiencing horrific leg cramps at night and since he started using your product, he doesn't get them anymore. Is there any way to expedite the shipping for this order? He is all out and it would be great if he didn’t have to go through the next two weeks with night cramps again. They are very painful for him.
Patricia F

quoteI was so hesitant to order my first order... I have had it with medications..they do not work...and have horrible side effects...and have tried other nutritional drinks and vitamins ...upped my zinc and magnesium and still had horrible restless leg syndrome...I am almost done with my first bottle of all calm and am amazed at the results..I pray they last for me...some times when I start something it helps at first then lessens as I use it...but nothing has ever helped like all calm ...it is completely safe to  take isn't it thank you and God bless you.

quoteWhen we find something that really works beyond all reasonable expectations we like to let others know about it. All Calm works on restless leg syndrome at any stage of the attacks. Please try it I just can't say enough about how this has changed our lives for the better. Thank You:
Doug Z, DeeAnn L

quoteI just wanted to take a moment to reinforce how great your product is. I have spent my life in nutrition ( I am a Director of Nutrition for a major hospital). I had been taking magnesium citrate to help control my RLS for awhile, but as you know, it can be difficult to digest.  When I am suffering from RLS, I can take 2 teaspoons of All Calm, and within 30 minutes I am sound asleep with absolutely NO RLS symptoms. Thank you for putting the magnesium citrate in such an easy form to digest!  It is nothing less than a blessing from God. Thank you!
Don  (DFNS, RD/LD)
P.S. I know the official position on RLS is that there is no known cause;  however, I can tell you that is not true.  The simple truth of the matter is, RLS is caused by an excess of sodium intake, and it can happen so easily that people do not understand.  Sodium contents of canned foods, soups, processed meats, etc., etc., is so high.  (The current RDA on sodium is 2400mg/day, but the AMA is working on lowering the RDA to 1500mg/day.  There is strong opposition to this. The current thought is that most people are ingesting between 4000-6000mg/day in foods/drinks without knowing it)  With out getting technical, a high amount of sodium interacts with the Na/K pump within the body.  The bodies cells are filled with a high level of sodium, causing the symptoms of RLS. It makes me so sad that this is not published information.  You can not imagine the opposition.  Lowering a persons sodium intake to 600-800mg/day total will stop RLS (after enough time for the body to eliminate the excess sodium-usually 3 weeks or so.)   This is how both myself, and my colleagues who also suffer from RLS, control it.  Lower sodium intake/eliminate RLS.  The problem for me ( and many people) is that my work schedule is so very hectic I have no time to eat as I should.  Thus, the majority of my meals are eaten out.  After eating out several times, the sodium level in my cells build up into an excess level, and I will suffer RLS symptoms once again. I mention this only because RLS is a nightmare, and it irritates me regarding the powerful opposition in getting the facts out on controlling it.  I try to mention this to all who fight and help fight the battle of RLS.  I can tell you that our stance is simple.  Once we know a patient (or anyone) suffers from RLS, we advise a sodium controlled diet, along with ALL CALM.  Again and again, when the patients follow our guidelines, they always report to us that they have eliminated their RLS.  Again, thank you for your product!

quoteThank you so much for providing a quality product!  I'm a middle aged man living in Florida.  With all the activities available year round I am usually doing some physical activity most of the time.  I pulled a muscle in near my left hip and it always nagged me when I ran.  After trying All Calm for a week, almost without notice, one day there was no discomfort from the hip.  This problem had been persistent for a number of years.  Thank you again for the relief!
PDC, Clearwater, Fl

quoteMy wife was relieved from nightly foot cramps even before she had used one jar of All Calm.   Thanks a million!  She is still frequently suffering from “jumping knee syndrome” or whatever that is called by the medical profession. 
E, Gerryts

quoteI have received All Calm for my husband and am very pleased to inform you that he seems to be getting results already. While I am cautiously optimistic as he has had Restless Leg Syndrome for almost 16 years, we decided anything was worth trying. He has only taken a teaspoon in boiling water for the past three nights and yippee had a great sleep. I'm just wondering if he might get any side effects - and so far none. I will keep you posted and hope I will be purchasing more when he gets thru this. I cannot help but be cautiously optimistic as I, his wife, has had to endure all his sleepless nights too and fingers crossed this may be the answer to the huge problem."
Catherine Quinn

quoteI find All Calm an amazing product and never go to bed without having taken it. Restless Legs are a thing of the past...
Thelma Lang

quoteI am free of leg cramps and charlie horse. I began taking a teaspoon of All Calm daily and I'm now free and enjoying it!
Faustina Grant

quoteI have suffered with RLS for over 50 years. I tried your All Calm and it is absolutely wonderful. I take it each evening, with great results.
M. Fahey

quoteI normally don't do testimonials on products I like, but this is one I had to make an exception on!  I have struggled with severe RLS for several years. I would suffer night after night waiting for refills and it made my life miserable. I can't even begin to tell you how many days I've gone on little to no sleep at all because of this annoying condition! One night I was exceptionally annoyed and unable to sleep so I got online and found All Calm. I was VERY skeptical, but I was also VERY desperate so I placed my order and hoped for the best. The first night I tried All Calm, I was able to sleep through the entire night and I awoke completely refreshed and excited to tell everyone about my discovery! I am so thankful to everyone that made this product available and I will most definitely be a faithful customer!"
Crystal N., Lake Dallas, Texas

quoteWe are writing to let you know that All Calm has certainly made a difference to my husbands night cramps. He is now into his 7th day of taking All Calm and has not once jumped out of bed caused by the cramps that he has suffered with for 20years. Our thanks go to this life saving product as he used to curse his legs allot during his cramp episodes."
Graham and Kahui B., Australia

quoteI am re-ordering this product because its awesome. I have been living on tylenol because it helped me sleep. I had a great sleep from All Calm, and haven't had problems with jumpy legs since. I am so happy with this product, I am letting everyone know."
Pearl Sutherland, CA

quoteMy mother who is 82 years old has been suffering from restless legs for the past 30 years and has never found any relief no matter what she has taken or tried. She is sleeping like a top and has no pain, in fact she said that her legs are not even sore during the day and she is walking so much better.  Needless to say I have also put my father, aged 84 onto All Calm and he cannot belief the relief.  I have now ordered another two bottles and will also be putting my aunty, aged 80 onto the product.  As these three elderly folk live on my premises I will do anything to help them and to give them a better quality of life.  I firmly belief this is the answer and would like to thank All Calm for a wonderful product and would recommend it to anyone."
Glenda I., South Africa

quoteG'day, I bought this product from you a couple times, and want to say how good it works for me. I have MS and have to deal with spasms in my legs and buttocks..."
Miss Julie Young, Perth, Western Australia

quoteJust wanted you to know that ALL CALM actually saved my wife's life. I have suffered with RLS for many years and for six months prior to june fourth of this year it has been the worse it ever was. I would get into bed with the wife at 11pm nightly and like clock work, every night I would wake up between 12:30 am and 2:00 due to the RLS. If it was mild I would go into the other bedroom as not to disturb the wife, or walk outside for a half hour or so and then return to bed in one of the bedrooms depending on how the RLS was doing. More often than not I would get up and dress and drive to the local 7-11 just to be active and get my mind off of the RLS. I would return 45 min. to 1 hrs. later than get back into one of the bedrooms. After starting ALL CALM I was able to get into bed and STAY there all night. This I owe to your product. Now for the REAL STORY. On june 4th. I awoke hearing my wife make noises, I thought she was snoring, I tried to have her roll over and noticed she was as stiff as a board. I turned on the light and found her eyes wide open and pupils fix and dilated and NOT BREATHING\DEAD. I called 911 at once and they walked me through CPR until the ambulance arrived and took her to the hospital. Two months later to the day, today, she is almost back to work full time, driving, and enjoying family / granddaughters. She still has some short memory loss but were hoping it will clear up in time. She would not be with me today if it was not for ALL CALM. We have been together for over 40 years."
David L., Florida

quoteI was so hesitant to order my first order, I have had it with medications, they do not work and have horrible side effects. I tried nutritional drinks, vitamins, and upped my Zinc - and still had horrible restless legs. I am almost done with my first bottle and am amazed at the results. I pray the results last for me. Thank you and God bless you"
JK Knowles, Kansas

quoteMy restless leg syndrome made me so restless that I would have to leap up and stomp the floor to get temporary relief. I haven't had an occurrence since!"
John F, Teacher, NY.

quoteI have been using AllCalm as needed for about 3yrs now.  It is really awesome; it works so fast and so well. I have learned to tell when I will need to take AllCalm and exactly what to mix it with.  Lemonade is best--cools it down and helps the taste. I won't mix it with Dr. Pepper again--Promise.
Margaret W., Texas

quoteI had purchased all calm about two weeks ago and I still can't believe that it worked sooooo fast.
Carol F., Canada

quoteI woke up tired, and my leg jerking drove my husband crazy. I heard about it from a friend and decided to order it that day. I was amazed at the powerful sleep I had. I feel fresh and alert in the mornings."
Joan B, Florida

quoteI am a "night person" and my wife rises at 5:30am. My tossing and turning disturbed her sleep. I really had to do something about my Restless Legs. I was urged to try your product by a friend. I was shocked! It worked the first night! Those years of feeling dragged out are now over."
RP, Computer Programmer, WA

quoteI used to get dreadful charlie horses in bed, especially in my left leg, and my calf muscle would go into a painful spasm that then triggered a foot cramp. I used to be able to reach down and pull my foot upward, but they got so bad that the only solution was to get out of bed and put my full weight on the foot to get pain relief.. Now I take it regularly, and since then I've been okay. This has been a miracle for me."
ND of British Columbia

quoteMy problem was lack of sleep. These muscle spasms usually woke me up 3 or 4 times a night. I decided to take a chance and order it. It worked perfectly for me! I haven't had a restless sleep since!"
ME of California

quoteI found I was comfortable from that first night. I haven't had a toe or foot cramp since."
RK of Ontario

quoteThe first night I used it-- it worked, unbelievable. Thank you.
Gary A.