All Calm is no longer shipping to individuals. We recommend you visit your local health food store.
Ask for magnesium citrate.

Are You Frazzled by
Restless Leg Syndrome?
(Are They Grating on Your Nerves?)

17 Restless Leg Syndrome Symptoms and Causes!

  • Excess caffeine
  • Overweight
  • Tobacco use
  • Low iron levels
  • Nerve disease
  • Sleep apnea
  • Nerve disease
  • Metal poisoning
  • Low thyroid
  • Family heredity
  • Stressful times
  • Drug side effects
  • Excessive alcohol
  • Pregnancy insomnia
  • Mineral deficiencies
  • Crossing your legs
  • Not stretching or
    warming up for exercise

Anxious feelings are a condition you can't see. You may appear completely normal and healthy. When you go to bed, you step into a sleepless nightmare. This restless feeling and lack of sleep damages the quality of your life.

Letter Are your legs "acting up" at night? Are they causing anxiousness in your muscles that refuse to let you sleep? This repeating restlessness can drive you crazy all night long. Your restlessness is now needless, read below.

The restless legs at night feelings can range from annoyances to severe sleep problems. If you have a pregnancy in your family, you have an example of a severe restless leg syndrome.

A restless condition is something you feel and never see. People with these anxieties may appear completely normal to others. At bedtime, they suffer severe sleep anxiety.


quoteThe first night I tried All Calm, I was able to sleep the entire night without having to take any pills. I awoke completely refreshed...
Crystal N., Lake Dallas, Texas

quoteI would get into bed at 11 pm nightly and like clockwork, every night I would wake up between 12:30 am and 2:00 due to the RLS. After starting ALL CALM, I was able to get into bed and STAY there all night.
David L., Florida

Looking for Results?

Perhaps you've consulted your doctor looking for relief. And chances are he scribbled out a script for some drug without thought.

Often the drugs gave you bad side effects. You hoped these drugs would be the restless legs syndrome relief you needed.

Stop your restless legs
AllCalm, it's for a sound sleep at night


Words of Praise

quoteI woke up tired, and my leg jerking drove my husband crazy. I heard about it from a friend and decided to order it that day. I had a powerful sleep."
Joan B, Florida

quoteI don't do testimonials for products I like, but this is one I had to make an exception! I have struggled with severe RLS for several years. I would suffer night after night waiting for refills, and it made my life miserable. One night I was unable to sleep so I got online and found All Calm. I was skeptical, but I was also desperate, so I placed my order and hoped for the best. The first night I tried All Calm, I was able to sleep through the entire night..."
Crystal N., Lake Dallas, Texas

Are you the side effects of your current pills making you ill?

Maybe you then tried the natural route in hopes of finding some relief. You've made sure to lead the healthiest lifestyle possible. You exercise. You eat a balanced diet. You've sacrificed caffeine, alcohol, artificial sweeteners, and even sugar, your longtime friend.

And none of it worked. Yes, none of it.

Your life has gone down since your restless leg syndrome started.

But I'm here to tell you that thousands found the answer. Today, I'm going to tell you about a solution that is all natural and give you fast results for this nightmare.

This important mineral is missing in our diets. It's from large-scale industrial farming depleting our soils.

And, what's more, food processing depletes this vital nutrient from our daily foods.

More Words of Praise

quoteWhen we find something that works we like to let others know about it. All Calm works on restless leg syndrome at any stage of the attacks. Thank You:
Doug Z, DeeAnn L

quoteI have received All Calm for my husband and am pleased to inform you that he seems to be getting results already. He has had Restless Leg Syndrome for almost 16 years, we decided anything was worth trying. I'm just wondering if he might get any side effects - and so far none."
Catherine Quinn

So Can't I Just Go Out and Get
Supplements Anywhere to Get Some Relief?

It's not that simple, and here's why. This key nutrient is in the form of hard tablets. Your body does not easily absorb them. And if this nutrient does not digest, the pills will go through the sewer system. The unused pills show up in the sewage system.

All Calm is 100% food-grade. It contains only "USP" grade ingredients. "USP" stands for United States Pharmacopoeia the official authority for dietary supplements sold.

Your body absorbs it much faster than any tablet. We've discovered a way to manufacture it in a special "bio-available form". Finally, you get the restless legs syndrome relief and the sleep you need.

Words of Praise

quoteI just wanted to take a moment to reinforce how great your product is. I have spent my life in nutrition ( I am a Director of Nutrition for a major hospital). I had been taking magnesium citrate to help control my RLS for awhile, but as you know, it can be difficult to digest. Thank you for putting the magnesium citrate in such an easy form to digest!  It is nothing less than a blessing from God. Thank you!
Don  (DFNS, RD/LD)

Why All Calm™?

Since 1981, All Calm is the solution for thousands suffering from restless leg syndrome. 32 years later, people in 75 countries finally get the deep, restful sleep.

All Calm is no longer shipping to individuals. We recommend you visit your local health food store.
Ask for magnesium citrate.

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