All Calm is no longer shipping to individuals. We recommend you visit your local health food store.
Ask for magnesium citrate.

Have Leg Cramps at Night Made
You a Nervous Wreck?
(Searching for a remedy that lets you sleep at night?)

You can sleep like a baby again

All Calm™ trusted since 1981. It is the answer for thousands suffering from leg cramps. Now, after
34 years people in 75 countries sleep at night.

The cause of your night leg cramps is most likely caused by

  • excessive alcohol
  • poor diet
  • tobacco use
  • low blood iron levels
  • nerve disease
  • heavy metal poisoning
  • low thyroid symptoms
  • overuse of caffeine
  • pregnancy insomnia
  • drug side effects
  • family heredity
  • certain mineral deficiencies
  • stressful times in your life
  • sleep apnea

What AllCalm™ does for you...

Guess What Others Tried in the Past?

Many tried hot showers and warm baths. Other people placed ice on their legs. You, yourself tried most of the over-the-counter painkillers and remedies. You gave special stockings a shot, and that was a pain in itself.

When these failed to give help, you went to see your doctor. He wrote a script for pain killers without giving it much thought. And you got some help! The drugs helped for a short term, yet they did not stop your leg pains. The next day you were fuzzy-headed from the drugs. These often make you sick.

But I'm here today to tell you there is "big relief", and this natural relief is called All Calm.

It is used by people worldwide - for well over 33 years.

This remedy works without delay - it starts working in the first few minutes.

P.S. All Calm gives the same results as quinine for leg cramps. It does not have the unwanted side effects caused by quinine leg cramps.

Words of Praise

quoteI just reordered your product for my step dad because he is finally getting relief from this product. He is a 65 yrs old Vietnam (Marine) Veteran. He has been getting Tizanidine from the VA to help with his very severe leg cramps, but Nothing has helped him like this product. He didn't get even one leg cramp or muscle spasm in his back since he starts to use this, but it don't last long enough (one bottle). Because of the very hot and humid climate here, a lot of them has leg cramps and shaky legs.
Joshua D

quoteWe are writing to let you know that All Calm™ has certainly made a difference to my husband's night cramps. He is now into his 7th day of taking All Calm and has not once jumped out of bed caused by the cramps that he has suffered with for 20years. Our thanks go to this life-saving product as he used to curse his legs a lot during his leg episodes."
Graham and Kahui B., Australia

What All Calm Does For You

All Calm's special remedy.

It helps muscles relax, and guides nerve impulses. In fact, most Americans have low levels of it in their bodies.

What your body needs is not in most diets.

The lack of this mineral is used up in our farming soils from years of commercial farming. Farming removes All Calm from the soil.

Some food processing also removes this nutrient from the food we eat.

A lack of it in the body takes its toll on your health.

It regulates your muscles. And too little of it will cause your muscles to cramp.

Note: Leg Cramps are also referred by many as...

Muscle pain, sciatica, sciatic nerve, sciatic nerve pain, muscle spasms, charley horse, charlie horse, leg pain, cramps, nerve pain, foot cramps, foot pain, muscle spasm, muscle cramps, calf cramps, calf pain, toe pain, tendonitis knee, charlie horses, calf muscle pain, achy legs, cramping, aching legs, left leg pain, right leg pain, and leg aches.

Can I buy a substitute in a store?

No, and here is why: we have found how to create a proprietary product that has few equals. Most other products make little difference for painful or aching legs. Almost all pills contain many different things that stop each other from helping. You get little if any result.

Few people realize that placing 10 or more different products squeezed together in one pill tends to work against each other because they are not compatible. They limit each other from being effective. For your leg problems try All Calm, we guarantee the results.

What's our Difference?

All forms of hard tablets are not well absorbed by your body. Millions of these tablets pass thru the sewers every day. Most pills have advertising to make us feel we're getting everything in that pill. Each new ingredient in a tablet starts the chances of one canceling out the other.

This major nutrient must digest, or it will not do you any good.

In fact, you could take a handful of lower-quality tablets for years, and they would do little to ease your aching muscles.

Feeling skeptical "for what to take" for
Leg Cramps? Read what these users had to say!

quoteI found I was comfortable from that first night. I haven't had a toe or foot cramp since."
RK of Ontario

quoteI used to get dreadful Charlie Horses in bed, especially in my left leg, and my calf muscle would go into a painful spasm that then triggered a foot cramp. I used to be able to reach down and pull my foot upward. But they got so bad that the only solution was to get out of bed and put my full weight on the foot to get pain relief. Now I take it regularly, and since then I've been okay."
ND of British Columbia


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Comparisons All Natural Relief Leading 3 Drugs
See The Differences All Calm™ #1 #2 #3
Fast Acting yes no no no
Low Daily Cost yes no no no
All Natural Relief yes no no no
Return Anytime for 60 Days yes no no no
Doctor Visits no yes yes yes

All Calm is natural. It contains no extras such as salt, sugar, preservatives, artificial color, yeast, wheat, gluten. Also, there are no animal products, corn, milk and soy products. It is 100% food-grade and uses only USP ingredients (USP stands for United States Pharmacopoeia). It is the official authority for natural products sold in North America.

Are you still unsure?

quoteI had purchased All Calm™ about two weeks ago, and I still can't believe that it worked so fast.
Carol F., Canada

quoteI woke up tired, and my leg jerking drove my husband crazy. I heard about it from a friend and decided to order it that day. I was amazed at the powerful sleep I had. I feel fresh and alert in the mornings."
Joan B, Florida

quoteThis stuff works well for my husband. He has been experiencing horrific leg cramps at night, and since he started using your product, he does not get them anymore. Is there any way to expedite the shipping for this order? He is all out, and it would be great if he did not have to go through the next two weeks with night cramps again. They are very painful for him.
Patricia F

Now Consider This

When All Calm was sold in stores, it was well over a hundred dollars. We now sell direct to you for half the price.

Consider how valuable relief is for those who suffer from chronic pain? Any price would be a true steal.

But I'm excited to tell you that the cost of a 3-month supply is $59.97 USA. This month we pay to ship to USA, Canada, England, Australia, and New Zealand.

Are you ready for relief?

Yes YES! I want to enjoy a great night's sleep - every night. I want to have a life again.

Yes YES! I am responding to this offer today. This month I am entitled to zero shipping and will pay only $59.97 USD for a 3-month supply. That's less than .67 cents a day.

Yes YES! I understand that if I'm not satisfied with the results, you will give me a full and prompt refund...


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Since 1981, All Calm is the answer for thousands suffering from leg cramps at night. Today, 33 years later, people in 75 countries enjoy a restful night's sleep.

If you need relief - that is what you get.

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All Calm is no longer shipping to individuals. We recommend you visit your local health food store.
Ask for magnesium citrate.



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